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Let's make Peace Boats participate in the 49th EDHEC Sailing Cup
The PeaceBoat Project highlights a human adventure. Indeed, the project aims at:

  • Gathering students from countries involved in a conflict, where no solution is foreseen, on the same boat for the EDHEC Sailing Cup.
  • Building a crew with students from both nations and show the world that despite their differences, they can unite: the project enables to put sport and more specifically the values of sailing, such as respect and excelling oneself, at the benefit of fraternity, solidarity and peace.

One Israeli-Palestinian crew has already been built: 3 Israeli students and 3 Palestinians students are ready to take part to the event. During the week of regatta, they will show that despite their cultural differences, team spirit and solidarity can exist both on land and at sea.

The project does not end there: we want to sail several Peace Boats, gathering crews from nations in conflict: Ukraine/Russia, Azerbaijan/Armenia… The number of Peace Boats attending the 2017 EDHEC Sailing Cup depends completely on the funds we will manage to get.




From March 31 to April 8 2017, in Arzon - Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany, FRANCE
The EDHEC Sailing Cup is the leading student sporting event in Europe. It gathers every year 3,000 participants coming from the most prestigious universities (UCLA, Cambridge, LSE, Bocconi…) and more than 20 countries (USA, UK, Poland, Germany, Turkey…). The heart of the event is the regatta, where a 180 boat-fleet compete during one week of tactical and coastal races. This year the 49th edition will be held from March 31 to April 8.

In a regatta, crew members have to trust, communicate and assist each other.

The PeaceBoat Project wants to promote values present in sport and especially sailing such as respect, solidarity and surpassing oneself.

Thus, the EDHEC Sailing Cup seems to be a perfect event to show to the world that people from opposite countries can unite to live a lifetime experience.

For more information, please visit the EDHEC Sailing Cup’s website.