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Israel-Palestine | Peaceboat


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A brief story of the PeaceBoat:

In 1998, a first crew for the peace navigated for the 30th edition of the EDHEC Sailing Cup. On boat, an extraordinary crew made of Palestinians and Israelis. The project was big and placed an emphasis on the will of the student organization of the EDHEC Sailing Cup to convey the values that are theirs.

In 2017, three members of the organization decided to relaunch the project. That was when the PeaceBoat Project really saw the light of the day.

Very soon, the project took shape and the beginnings are even very encouraging. This latter filled with enthusiasm as much locally as internationally. After long researches and numerous initial contacts, the crew constituted itself little by little.

As soon as the month of January, the crew of the PeaceBoat was full.

Two months only before the EDHEC Sailing Cup, there was still a lot to do. We required to find funds, sponsors and the visas, to manage the communication and to make sure that the project came true.

In February 2017, further to the article published by Le Monde Campus, the PeaceBoat Project won a price of €3,000 as part of the competition Les Campus Awards of Natixis. For its part, the crowdfunding campaign launched in January was successful. Thanks to numerous donations, the PeaceBoat benefited from additional €4,205 to make this dream a reality.

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The week of the regatta:

It was the big day. For most of crew members, it was the first time they met. Despite obstacles they had to face, the week was incredible, full of emotions and strong of the values that they were eager to convey.

A word on the crew:

As soon as the 48th edition, the members of the International Relations of the EDHEC Sailing Cup studied this project. Very soon, they got in touch with potential participants. Despite the numerous obstacles and through many efforts, they finally succeeded to find students for which to convey a powerful message in these times of conflict was essential.

Aboard, Naama Sarid, Anog Shilan, Yazid Ibrahim, Mohammad Qneibi and May Zughayer. They were young, motivated and ready to take up the challenge that constituted the launching of the PeaceBoat Project.

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[jeg_heading title=”They talk about us”][jeg_service_icon_wrapper itemwidth=”3″][jeg_service_icon_item icon=”fa-book” title=”LeMonde Campus” url=”” desc=”In January 2017, the Organization Team of the PeaceBoat Project had the honor of being interviewed by Le Monde Campus to explain what the project was about.
You will find in this article all the steps of the setting up of the first PeaceBoat and you will discover how it was lived from the inside.