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[jeg_heading title=”WHY SUPPORTING THE PROJECT ?” alt=”Support this project and make students from nations in conflict participate together in a regatta”]

A well-proven project

The Peace Boat Project has already been implemented in the past, with a lot of success : in 1998, 11 Israeli and Palestinians gathered to rally France by the sea, in order to participate in the EDHEC Sailing Cup. Sponsored by the UNESCO, they faced the 200 other sailing teams during one intense week of competition, broadcasting in the same time their values of tolerance and fraternity. This past success makes us hope the best for this year’s project!

A powerful message

By supporting the Peace Boat Project, you will join a unique adventure, led by passionate and engaged young people. It’s a way to contribute to spreading the crucial message of peace, solidarity and fraternity to the world.

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[jeg_heading title=”BECOME A SPONSOR” alt=”Partnership”]
Like all projects, the PeaceBoat Project needs funds to exist.

If you are interested in becoming our sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the visibility you would like. Automatically, as our supporter you will be represented in our website and Facebook page.


You can also participate in our crowdfunding to help us gather the money we need.

For people taxable in France, your support gives right to a tax rebate of 60% of the amount  donated, (up to 20 % of your taxable income).