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[jeg_heading title=”TESTIMONIALS” alt=”What the participants think of the project”][jeg_testimonial image=”56″ author=”Yazid (Palestine)” text=”I’m super excited to be a part of the Peace Boat Project and the EDHEC Sailing Cup Competition as it is an amazing international sporting event! Being a part of the Peace Boat Project, that is composed of 3 Palestinians and 3 Israelis working alongside each other to race the Peace Boat, is great as it promotes to the world that both states are willing and capable of working together to achieve peace and stability in the region.
“][jeg_testimonial float=”right” image=”56″ author=”Mohammad (Palestine)” text=”Participating in the Peace Boat is an opportunity to show the world that the normal people who are living in the holy land
are peaceful and willing to live together, disregarding of the political differences. 3 Palestinians & Israelis “Holy Landers” will
be able to communicate, working and spending their time together directly in the Regatta. I believe that “us” the youth who
will be taking over the world soon, will show the world the wars lead to more war and communication and understanding
leads to harmony.
[jeg_heading title=”A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT”][jeg_testimonial image=”235″ author=”Camille Finaz” text=”A 700-kilometres wall is today separating Israel from Palestine. We decided to launch this project because we believe that at our level, we can bring down this wall. We believe that students from countries involved in a conflict, where no solution is foreseen, can build a crew and sail together at the world’s first intercollegiate regatta on yachts.”]