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A brief story of the PeaceBoat:

For the 50th edition of the EDHEC Sailing Cup, we decided to relaunch the PeaceBoat Project. This year, we would like to gather on the same boat students from two nations in conflict: Ukraine and Russia.

Through this crew, we want to show that communication, peace and solidarity between these two nations are possible.

To make this project a reality, the PeaceBoat Project associated with Human’East, an international aid organisation.

To understand the history of the conflict between these two nations, you can read the article written by Human’East. In this latter, they explain the actual situation of the conflict but also its roots.


Where do we stand today?

Little by little, the project takes shape. We work together with Human’East to look for crews that will sail together on the PeaceBoat. Our team attends to find the Russian crew, whereas Human’East focuses even now on the research of an Ukrainian crew.

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